InPost: same day delivery without added fees

InPost: same day delivery without added fees

Giovedì, Settembre 2, 2021 - 13:44

InPost: same day delivery without added fees

A New Capability in Polish Logistics

InPost, the leading e-commerce enablement platforms in Europe, was launched its “Same Day Delivery” in Poland. Parcels intended for delivery to a recipient within the same city that reaches the distribution center before 4:00 pm, will be delivered to InPost’s automated parcel machines (APMs) on the same day. This new functionality will be available to all of InPost’s customers without additional fees.

The added convenience of express delivery is a result of significant investments in technology to develop modern, fully automated distribution centers and establish an unrivalled density of InPost APMs in Poland. Initially, Same Day Delivery will be available in Warsaw and Łódź, with the aim to roll out the service in several of Poland’s largest cities by the end of the year.

Rafał Brzoska, InPost Founder and CEO said, “Our research shows that over 80% of our customers expect the fastest possible delivery. We are meeting and exceeding these expectations by introducing Same Day Delivery, a new capability for the Polish logistics market. For merchants and e-retailer, this will be a welcomed addition as speedy deliveries may help to increase sales. For InPost, the driving force behind the introduction of Same Day Deliveries with no additional fees, is to increase customer satisfaction, which is one of our most important competitive advantages. The functionality will first launch in Warsaw and Łódź, and at a by the end of the year, is expected to be launched in several of Poland’s largest cities. This will strengthen InPost’s position as the leading player in the e-commerce delivery market, providing customers with the best quality service for the best price. We do it because we want to revolutionize Polish logistics. We believe that launching Same Day Deliveries will enhance our position as the leading e-commerce enablement platform within the entire e-commerce industry. With a strong understanding of future of e-commerce and customer needs, we consistently work to introduce innovative solutions for our customers. I believe what we are announcing today will become the norm and something that businesses within the industry will aspire to offer in the future.”

About InPost
InPost (Euronext Amsterdam: INPST) is the leading out-of-home e-commerce enablement platform in Europe. Founded in 1999 by Rafal Brzoska in Poland, InPost provides delivery services through our network of more than 15,500 Automated Parcel Machines (“APMs”), including over 2,000 in the UK, as well as to-door courier and fulfilment services to e-commerce merchants. Strategically positioned in the fast- growing ecommerce market, InPost’s strategy is further enhanced by our investments in technology, as well as the benefits of the “flywheel” effect that provide consumers, merchants and our planet a best-in-class, lower cost, more convenient and sustainable form of last mile delivery. Through our delivery services, InPost is creating a greener solution for e-commerce, as APM deliveries reduce CO2 emissions by up to two-thirds compared to to-door deliveries in urban areas, and by up to 90% in rural areas, as well as significantly reducing traffic and noise pollution.

In the twelve months to 30 June 2021, InPost handled 381 million parcel deliveries through its networks in Poland, France, the U.K, Italy, Benelux and Iberia, generating PLN 3,111 million of revenue and other operating income and PLN 1,298 million of adjusted EBITDA.

In July 2021, InPost successfully completed acquisition of Mondial Relay to create Europe’s leading out-of-home automated solution for e-commerce.