InPost to open new logistics centre at the Accolade Industrial Park in  Goleniów

InPost to open new logistics centre at the Accolade Industrial Park in Goleniów

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 - 09:49

InPost to open new logistics centre at the Accolade Industrial Park in Goleniów

InPost’s infrastructure has grown to over 60 logistics centers in Poland.

InPost - a leading e-commerce delivery platform in Europe - will launch a new logistics centre located in the Accolade Industrial Park in Goleniów near Szczecin. The centre will further enhance InPost’s industry-leading consumer offering, supported by its network of more than 13,000 automated parcel machines in Poland and courier services based on its own logistics infrastructure and guarantees deliveries within D+1 deadlines.

“We have the largest and most modern logistics base in Poland, supporting the largest network of parcel machines in Europe. This year, we are also continuing our investment program into new logistics centres and are expanding our geographical reach. However, these are just some of our activities. At the beginning of July, we took delivery of a modern parcel machine factory in Cracow, continuing with the development of our “Green City” program in cooperation with Polish cities. As part of our “Green City” program, we are looking to roll out an electric car fleet and autonomous machines powered by photovoltaic panels. We are also expanding our network in Europe and we have completed the acquisition of France’s Mondial Relay, which owns 15,800 PUDO points in France, the Benelux, and the Iberian Peninsula. The acquisition of Mondial Relay demonstrates the scale of our development - incomparable to any player in Poland or Europe. We are also investing in technology - the “InPost Mobile” application breaks popularity records and has nearly 7 million users. Recently we have started testing our new e-grocery shopping platform, InPost Fresh. We are counting on widespread successes in this venture, considering the ambitious plan to deploy InPost fridge-machines, which are already operating in Warsaw, Cracow, and Wrocław,” emphasizes Rafał Brzoska, Founder and CEO of InPost.

The logistics centre in Goleniów is located in an area with unique development potential. The industrial park is situated in a fast-growing economic area with availability of highly-educated personnel. The industrial park’s employees can take advantage of the nearby bus station, easy access by car to the workplace, and the railroad station which can be reached in 10 minutes.

“The region close to the German and Scandinavian borders is not only an excellent strategic business location; the entire Szczecin area is a significant research and development centre with 25 universities and 45,000 students. The city is an important European logistic hub. It is directly connected to the Polish and German road, rail, and air infrastructure and is located close to three international airports - one in Szczecin and two in Berlin - which can be reached in 1.5-2 hours. The Szczecin - Świnoujście Port is one of the largest seaports in the Baltic Sea, offering international cargo transportation and a connection to the S3 Szczecin - Legnica expressway, opening the way to the largest cities in western, central, and southern Poland. As a result, it meets almost all the needs of companies that want to have an “all-in-one” for an effective business. The project aspires to a high level of BREEAM sustainability certification and will provide many green solutions, primarily related to efficient energy systems and excellent water management. We also emphasize the development of green areas around the building. The area will be planted with trees, shrubs, and meadows of field flowers to enrich the ecosystem surrounding the facility,” comments Michał Białas, Country Manager of Accolade Poland.

“We are one of the biggest investors when it comes to modern business infrastructure in the Szczecin area, which has invested nearly EUR 190 million in this area in the past five years. Thanks to our investments in intelligent and environment-friendly industrial buildings, we have brought here many world- class brands and together we have contributed to creating 4,000 jobs for qualified specialists. Our goal is to be a responsible society member and we aim to support development towards modernity and sustainable growth in the Szczecin area,” says Milan Kratina, President of the Management Board of Accolade.

About InPost InPost (AEX: INPST) is the leading out-of-home e-commerce enablement platform in Europe. Founded in 1999 by Rafal Brzoska in Poland, InPost provides delivery services through our network of more than 14,500 Automated Parcel Machines (“APMs”), approximately 16,000 pick-up drop-off (“PUDO”) points, as well as to-door courier and fulfilment services to e-commerce merchants. Strategically positioned in the fast- growing ecommerce market, InPost’s strategy is further enhanced by our investments in technology, as well as the benefits of the “flywheel” effect that provide consumers, merchants and our planet a best-in-class, lower cost, more convenient and sustainable form of last mile delivery. Through our delivery services, InPost is creating a greener solution for e-commerce, as APM deliveries reduce CO2 emissions by up to two-thirds compared to to-door deliveries in urban areas, and by up to 90% in rural areas, as well as significantly reducing traffic and noise pollution. In July 2021, InPost successfully completed acquisition of Mondial Relay to create Europe’s leading out-of-home automated solution for e-commerce. In the twelve months to 31 March 2021, InPost handled 440 million parcel deliveries through its networks in Poland, France, the U.K, Italy, Benelux and Iberian Peninsula.

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