Integrate your store with InPost

Improve parcel delivery in your e-commerce venture

Gain access to your own
individual API ShipX account

  • Integrate with courier and Parcel Locker services in just a few steps
  • No need to send applications
  • Immediately, without unnecessary waiting time

Download a guide explaining how you can quickly gain access to the ShipX API on your own, which will allow you to integrate InPost with your sales platform or shipping system.

Download guide

The perfect solution for on-line stores

Take advantage of API integration that:

  • allows you to print shipping labels, create shipments, and handle billing
  • provides information on services in real time, e.g. a list of available Parcel Lockers, price lists, shipment statuses, information about the customer's preferred Parcel Locker
  • allows you to assign individual numbers to shipments and create your own labels.

How does integration work?

Preparing for data exchange

Through the API, your store will download a set of data supporting delivery to Parcel Lockers or by courier. The latter option is also supported without the need for integration.

Shopping in your store

Customers place orders with the option of delivery by courier or shipping to a Parcel Locker. Devices available in the area are visible on a map in your store.

Preparing parcels

The store automatically communicates with our system. InPost registers shipments and sends shipping labels that you stick on parcels. You can track shipment statuses in your system.

Technical Support

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