How to collect a parcel from a Locker on an InPost Point

Collecting your parcel is a simple and quick operation whether you have chosen a Locker or an InPost Point

Just follow the instructions below or in the email you will receive when your package is ready for collection. Our customer service is at your disposal in case of problems. You can find us at 02.89982282 or 02 38582894 from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 20:00.

Use a QR code or pick-up code

1. Wait for notification

As soon as the shipment is sent, you will receive a special email message and an SMS. You will receive another notification when the Shipment is delivered to your parcel locker. It will contain a pick-up code (6 digits) and a QR code. Save them to be able to collect the package!

2. Approach the Parcel Locker and scan the QR code

that you received in the email. All you have to do is select the Receive Parcel option and apply the received QR code to the reader. You can also collect the shipment by entering your phone number and the pick-up code (6 digits) from the SMS/email on the screen.

3. Take the parcel out

The locker with your parcel will open. All done! Don't forget to close the door.

Collect from an InPost Point

Inpost Point

1. Wait for notification

You will receive a notification upon delivery of the parcel at the chosen InPost Point. This notification will contain a collection code (6 digits) : keep it to be able to collect the package!

2. Go to the InPost Point

Show the code received by email to the people in charge at InPost Point, they will do the rest!

3. Collect the parcel

And now you just have to run home and celebrate your purchase!

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