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With InPost, returns are no longer a bother

Concerned about returns when shopping online? Don't worry, choose InPost for fast and convenient returns: you choose where, how and when deliver your parcel. Two modes for your returns, same simplicity Choose InPost as the return option on the site where you made your purchases or use our Easy Return Portal to create your return with just a few clicks. 

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How to use The Quick Returns Portal?
Go to our Quick Return Portal
Select the brand

Select the brand of the object you want to return from the menu in the Home Page

Choose the size of your package

Choose the size that best suits the package you want to return. You can change it later, but only from the portal and before going to the locker.

Fill in the form with your data

Enter your details and contact information. Pay attention to the email and phone number entered, here you will receive all you need to make the return.

Wait for your return label to arrive by email and take your package to a locker or InPost Point

By email you will receive all you need for your return. 

Did you make the wrong return size?

Don’t worry, from our portal you can change the size of the package whenever you want. Remember that the maximum measurements to ship with InPost are: 41x38x64 cm max 25 kg


How much does it cost to send an Easy Return with InPost?
InPost will not charge you any shipping costs. Please refer to the store’s return policies for more details.
Can I communicate a pack size change when I’m already at the locker?
You can only change the pack size through the portal before you go to the locker. If you plan to ship via locker, remember that you cannot change the size of the cell to be used for shipping from the locker monitor.
How long do I have to return a package?
Each store has its own terms and conditions that define the timing of returns.