How to send a parcel?

Go to the chosen locker and follow these simple steps on the monitor:

1. Select "Tap HERE"

2. Send a package / return"

3. Scan the barcode on the label on your package or scan it manually

4.The locker will open the compartment where you can deposit your parcel

If opened compartment is too small, please do not close it!
First select a larger size on the screen:

  • open an “M” size for a Medium compartment
  • open an "L" size for a Large compartment

After choosing the most suitable one, the locker will ask you to close the open one  and scan the barcode on the label again.

At this point, the larger compartment you chose will open!

5. Now you can store  your package, close the door and confirm the operation on the screen. And that's it!

Find a Parcel Locker or Parcel Service Point

The nearest Parcel Locker is probably just around the corner!