How to send a parcel?

Locker or InPost Point? Choose your favourite solution, sending your parcel with InPost is very simple, it will only take you a few minutes. You can find all the instructions below, pay attention to the size of your packages and it will be a breeze! Carefully prepare your package: pack fragile items, paste the label so that the barcode is clearly legible and your package is ready to get into the game!

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What can you send with InPost?



8x38x64 cm
Max 25 kg



19x38x64 cm
Max 25 kg



41x38x64 cm
Max 25 kg

Send a package in a Locker


Select “Tap HERE”

Approach the Parcel Locker and touch the screen


Send a parcel/return

Select the «Send a package / return» option


Scan the barcode on the label on your package or enter it manually

Put the label on your parcel close to the scanner. If it doesn’t work properly check your label: is it clearly readable? If the scan doesn’t work insert you code manually.


The locker will open the cell where you can place the package


If the cell that opens is too small, don't close it! First select a larger size on the screen:

  • open a size „M” for a Medium compartment
  • open a size „L” for a Large compartment

After choosing the most suitable one, the locker will ask you to close the open cell and to scan the barcode on the label again. At this point the largest cell of your choice will open!


You can now insert your package, close the flap and confirm the operation on the screen. And that's it!

Sending a parcel through an InPost Point

Go to the InPost Point of your choice and let the person in charge help you. All you have to do is check the label received by mail (it must be well legible!), deliver your package to be scanned… and the rest is all on us!

Find your answer here:

What should I do if the locker opens a drawer which is too small for my parcel?
If the drawer is too small don't close it, go back to the monitor and select "open an M size" for a Medium compartment or "open an L size" for a Large compartment.
After choosing the most suitable one, the locker will ask you to close the opened one and scan the barcode on the label again.
At this point, the larger compartment you chose will open! Remember: after you closed the compartment, confirm the operation on the monitor.
What should I do if all the locker compartments are full?
You can find the list of available location with address and opening hours looking at the page
We are currently expanding our InPost Point net to give you a more flexible and efficient experience.
What should I do if I accidentally closed the drawer without inserting the package to be sent?
Please stay in front of the locker and call the Helpline number: 02.38582894. Our Support Service will unlock a new compartment for you and provide the instructions you need to complete the operation smoothly.