InPost for the environment

Reduce CO2 emissions.
Order to a parcel locker

Ecological and help the development of sustainable logistics

The 24/7 Lockers are a revolutionary system that allows you to improve the efficiency of deliveries while minimizing the emission of carbon dioxide.

  • By delivering shipments in one place, to a Locker, we help reduce traffic jams and the noise associated with transport and, consequently, limit the emission of exhaust gases. The courier is able to deliver up to ten times more packages at the same time.
  • Research shows that people who have ordered a package do not purposely go to the Locker to pick it up. Thanks to the convenient location of the distributors (close to residential districts and shopping centers) and their availability around the clock, these people collect their packages on their way home from work or the store, without generating additional road traffic. The Lockers solve the last mile problem and support ecological attitudes!

Let's solve the problem of the last mile

The use of Lockers helps to reduce traffic jams and the noise associated with transport and, consequently, to limit the emission of exhaust gases. The courier who leaves many packages in one place generates significantly less vehicle mileage than individual deliveries. Finally, the collection of parcels at the Lockers solves the so-called "last mile problem", that is the last and most expensive phase of delivery of the shipment to the recipient.

We optimize production

For some years we have been progressively eliminating energy-intensive production processes, modernizing both the structure of the distributors and the technological processes. Above all, we are creating ever lighter machine structures using, among other things, 3D modeling software.

Lockers are ECO-FRIENDLY

Find out why. We have concrete proof!

Millennials choose Lockers

Lockers are an answer to the last mile problem and at the same time are increasingly the preferred solution by consumers belonging to generation Y when shopping online.

CO 2 reduction up to 95%

The results of a study conducted by the Krakow University of Science and Technology leave no doubt: delivering parcels to InPost Lockers can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 95% and fuel consumption by over 21 million liters per year.

Close to home and on the way from work

Lockers advocate ecological attitudes: people collect shipments from lockers mainly when they "run other errands". As many as 62% of respondents collect packages on their way to work, school, a shop or a gas station.