Items which cannot be accepted for transport

We are happy to help you with your shipments but to do it in the best way we need to clary what is prohibited with our service.
For more information about terms and limitation, please refer to out terms and conditions.

  • money (coins, cash, legal tender banknotes, negotiable securities equivalent to cash such as endorsed shares, bonds, letters of fund transfer), coins and collector stamps;
  • explosives, fireworks and any other item of a flammable or incendiary nature;
  • human corpses, organs or parts of the body, human and animal embryos, ashes or human remains;
  • any shipment to be delivered to APO addresses (i.e., Army Post Office) or FPO (i.e., Fleet Post Office);
  • any shipment to be delivered cash on delivery;
  • firearms, weapons in general, ammunition and parts of weapons;
  • foodstuffs, perishable foodstuffs, beverages that require refrigeration or other environmental controls;
  • plants and plant material, including seeds and cut flowers;
  • lottery tickets, items for gambling if prohibited by law;
  • perishable goods (other than those under (g) above) unless prior agreements have been reached in this regard;
  • pornographic material and/or obscene material;
  • hazardous waste, including but not limited to hypodermic needles and/or used syringes or medical waste;
  • ice (frozen water);
  • items for which InPost is required to obtain a special license, or a special permit for transport, import or export;
  • items whose transport, import or export are prohibited by laws or regulations;
  • dangerous products;
  • dead animals or stuffed animals;
  • damp or wet parcels, in which there are leaks or which emit any type of odor;
  • live animals, including fish and insects;
  • goods that can cause damage or delay to equipment, personnel or in any case to the InPost Lockers.