InPost launches 14,000th InPost parcel locker in Poland

InPost launches 14,000th InPost parcel locker in Poland

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 - 09:58

InPost launches 14,000th InPost parcel locker in Poland

More and more parcel lockers are being installed in smaller towns and villages

InPost, the leading e-commerce enablement platform, has launched parcel locker No. 14,000 in Sejny, in the Podlaskie Voivodship – a town with a population of over 5,000. An increasing number of InPost parcel lockers are now located in smaller towns and villages, making InPost’s network of parcel lockers the largest and most accessible in Poland.

InPost continues to focus on a sustainable development process for the APM network, as the Company have received hundreds of requests and inquiries from across Poland.

Rafał Brzoska, InPost Founder and CEO said, “New parcel lockers are not only being installed at a swift pace, but as part of the Green City program, we have been placing our lockers in cooperation with local authorities and communities to ensure that our lockers blends in harmoniously with the cityscape. In addition, to further reduce the carbon footprint of the ‘last-mile’ of deliveries, zero-emission electric cars are used in the deliveries to the partner cities. We are also installing innovative air-purifying paver blocks at new parcel locker locations, in addition to introducing autonomous parcel lockers, powered by solar energy.”

“We receive a high volume of customer requests to install parcel lockers closer to them. This is why we have focused efforts towards developing our network in smaller towns and villages. Parcel lockers are being welcomed with enthusiasm from customers. as The lockers solves many problems experienced by local communities, where residents often need to drive several kilometers to access their nearest postal point. InPost enables local communities to conveniently send parcels and order goods from retailers located further away.

Parcel lockers have become an integral part of the public infrastructure in both large cities and smaller towns.” Parcel locker InPost is the most ecological form of online shopping. According to an InPost analysis, ordering a parcel to APM reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75% compared to other forms of direct delivery to a customer’s home. In 2020 alone, deliveries to InPost parcel lockers reduced CO2 emissions by over 180,000 tonnes. Further development and optimization of the Parcel locker InPost network will reduce car traffic in cities, which will translate into improved air quality and promote climate protection.

About InPost
InPost (Euronext Amsterdam: INPST) is the leading out-of-home e-commerce enablement platform in Europe. Founded in 1999 by Rafal Brzoska in Poland, InPost provides delivery services through our network of more than 14,500 Automated Parcel Machines (“APMs”), approximately 16,000 pick-up drop-off (“PUDO”) points, as well as to-door courier and fulfilment services to e-commerce merchants. Strategically positioned in the fast-growing ecommerce market, InPost’s strategy is further enhanced by our investments in technology, as well as the benefits of the “flywheel” effect that provide consumers, merchants and our planet a best-in-class, lower cost, more convenient and sustainable form of last mile delivery. Through our delivery services, InPost is creating a greener solution for e-commerce, as APM deliveries reduce CO2 emissions by up to two-thirds compared to to-door deliveries in urban areas, and by up to 90% in rural areas, as well as significantly reducing traffic and noise pollution. In July 2021, InPost successfully completed acquisition of Mondial Relay to create Europe’s leading out-of-home automated solution for e-commerce. In the twelve months to 31 March 2021, InPost handled 440 million parcel deliveries through its networks in Poland, France, the U.K, Italy, Benelux and Iberian Peninsula.

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