InPost Green City - Anti-smog paper blocks and new cities

InPost Green City - Anti-smog paper blocks and new cities

Giovedì, Settembre 2, 2021 - 13:40

InPost Green City - Anti-smog paper blocks and new cities

Rzeszów and Sopot join the Green City program

As part of its “Green City” program, InPost - the leading e-commerce delivery platform in Europe, is introducing anti-smog paver blocks next to its APM in partner cities. In recent weeks, Rzeszów and Sopot have joined Łódź, Cracow, Kielce, Wałbrzych, Czestochowa, and Zielona Góra in the ‘Green City’ program. By the end of the year, many more cities are expected to be included in the program.

Rafał Brzoska, InPost Founder and CEO said, “The ‘Green City’ program supports the development of Polish cities according to the ‘smart city’ concept - offering modern services to residents, developing an optimal and ecological Parcel Lockers network, and taking actions to improve air quality and climate protection. The ‘Green City’ program is part of InPost’s long-term strategy, which covers a wide range of innovations and ecological initiatives. The program also supports the development of several modern and ‘green’ initiatives for residents, such as electric chargers located nearby InPost’s parcel machines, environmentally friendly transportation, and the planting of air-purifying plants. In addition, we intend to gradually replace our vehicle delivery fleet with electric cars across partner cities. Now, we are implementing anti-smog paver blocks next to the parcel machines, which will further support our efforts to improve air quality.”

The anti-smog paver blocks have unique properties that remove harmful compounds and purify the air. The innovative formulation of the concrete mix is based on a special cement with ECO properties and as a result, the concrete has an active surface with air-purifying properties against pollutants (nitrogen oxides NOx).The formulation takes advantage of natural phenomena - sunlight and rainwater, to accelerate the process of breaking down harmful compounds in the environment.

Paczkomat® InPost parcel machines are the most ecological form of online shopping. According to research, ordering a parcel using Parcel Locker reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75% compared to direct delivery to a customer’s home. In 2020 alone, deliveries to APM reduced CO2 emissions by over 180,000 tonnes. Further development and optimisation of the Parcel Lockers InPost network will reduce car traffic in cities, which will translate into improved air quality and climate protection.

About InPost InPost (AEX: INPST) is the leading out-of-home e-commerce enablement platform in Europe. Founded in 1999 by Rafal Brzoska in Poland, InPost provides delivery services through our network of more than 14,500 Automated Parcel Machines (“APMs”), approximately 16,000 pick-up drop-off (“PUDO”) points, as well as to-door courier and fulfilment services to e-commerce merchants. Strategically positioned in the fast- growing ecommerce market, InPost’s strategy is further enhanced by our investments in technology, as well as the benefits of the “flywheel” effect that provide consumers, merchants and our planet a best-in-class, lower cost, more convenient and sustainable form of last mile delivery. Through our delivery services, InPost is creating a greener solution for e-commerce, as APM deliveries reduce CO2 emissions by up to two-thirds compared to to-door deliveries in urban areas, and by up to 90% in rural areas, as well as significantly reducing traffic and noise pollution.

In July 2021, InPost successfully completed acquisition of Mondial Relay to create Europe’s leading out-of-home automated solution for e-commerce.

In the twelve months to 31 March 2021, InPost handled 440 million parcel deliveries through its networks in Poland, France, the U.K, Italy, Benelux and Iberian Peninsula.

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