New features for Sole, the InPost Support Chatbot!

New features for Sole, the InPost Support Chatbot!

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 - 12:06

Sole is the innovative InPost Chatbot that make the most of Artificial Intelligence to provide customer a quick support.

Sole is kind and friendly, and immediately answers questions about parcel tracking, helping even the less experienced customers find their way around the Out Of Home delivery world.
But there is much more! The goal of Sun is to continue to evolve, becoming more and more useful and effective.

From now on, in fact, Sole can help even customers who cannot trace the collection pin of the package.
Just a few information
, such as the InPost tracking number of the package and confirmation that the contact information entered on the seller’s website is correct, and in a few clicks Sole will activate the process of automatic forwarding of the necessary information via email or sms.

For those who choose InPost autonomy is a fundamental value, an integral part of the process of shipment and collection of packages via locker or InPost Point. The completely digitalized experience, in fact, allows customers to choose where, how and when to send or receive their packages, managing the collection according to their own rhythms and needs.
The new implemented functionality fits into this context, also adding the possibility of solving a potential hitch without waiting and from customer’s mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Simplifying the use of InPost services, also through a capillary and rapid assistance, is a fundamental process to bring more people closer to Out Of Home deliveries, digital, affordable and more sustainable also for the environment.

Our goal, in fact, is to expand the number of consumers who make a conscious and comfortable choice, freedom and sustainability our keywords, bringing the numbers of Italy closer to European countries numbers, where OOH deliveries get to exceed traditional deliveries.

Simple, innovative, InPost.