Meet Sole - the chatbot from InPost Italy.

Meet Sole - the chatbot from InPost Italy.

Thursday, June 29, 2023 - 10:36

The Italian logistics industry has just welcomed a new member to the family - the InPost chatbot named Sole. This innovative chatbot has been deployed in Italy to provide customers with important information about the status of their shipments. But that's not the end of its capabilities. Sole has ambitious development plans that will help customers even further.

With growing interest and trust from customers, Sole intends to expand its functions to assist with additional shipment-related issues. One area where the chatbot plans to help is with the retrieval code problem. It often happens that customers find it difficult to locate or remember the important code required to collect their package from an InPost automated locker. Sole will provide tips, instructions, and hints to help customers in this process, eliminating unnecessary difficulties and ensuring smooth package retrieval.

Furthermore, InPost plans to enhance the functionality of the Sole chatbot in the future, including the ability to support customers in case a locker is closed without the package being placed inside. It frequently happens for various reasons, such as wind or error, that the package isn't correctly placed in the locker. Expanding the features of the Sole chatbot with a "label refresh" option will allow customers to reassign the shipment and place it in the locker again.

The InPost chatbot is an innovative solution that brings many benefits to the logistics industry. Introducing this intelligent assistant enables InPost to optimize delivery processes even further and improve customer service. Thanks to the Sole chatbot, customers have easy access to information about their shipments and additional options in case of errors or data loss.

The implementation of the InPost Sole in Italy represents another step for InPost towards improving customer service quality and introducing innovative solutions. The company is constantly striving to leverage new technologies that streamline logistics processes and increase customer satisfaction. The Sole chatbot is an excellent example of how technology can impact service excellence in the logistics industry.

With the Sole chatbot, InPost customers in Italy can benefit from advanced shipment tracking support and receive additional capabilities in the future. This innovative assistant will undoubtedly contribute to the convenience and satisfaction of InPost customers.

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