2023 is already here, what should we expect from the world of e-commerce?

2023 is already here, what should we expect from the world of e-commerce?

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 - 12:27

Qaplà is asking a few industry professionals to create a perspective on the future and trends of 2023.

There is an entire expanding Universe parallel to the one we live in every day: it is the Universe that lives, changes and develops online. Within this varied landscape there is a world, strongly connected and changing: that of E-commerce.

Until yesterday it was a niche reality in Italy, but today, after the irrepressible push given by Covid19, buying online is an action that is part of everyday life for everyone. It undoubtedly does so in different ways and forms: for some it is a matter of improving their shopping experience, for others it is a question of asking new questions about sustainability to the urban traffic, increasingly congested and cause of pollution.

This is why Qaplà, a platform created to connect who ships and who sells in a simple and fast way, has decided to take a moment to consult four professionals in the sector and, together, understand in which direction this particular world is moving.

InPost is one of the experts called to respond, precisely as an advocate of a change in the world of shipping. The Out Of Home is in fact the innovative system of sending and receiving packages that is revolutionizing the way Italian customers approach delivery, and that is proposed as a possible answer to the questions of the circular economy and sustainability.
Thanks to the ability of InPost couriers to act through the widespread system of locker and InPost Point, the Out Of Home in 2023 will enter more and more in the lives of millions of Italians.

"Trust, relationship, transparency, sustainability (not only environmental)" are the key words around which this reflection revolves, which is divided into different themes: shipping, customer care, link between live shopping and online, to deepen the 2023 trends and try to draw a common thread that takes the look a little further. From this collaboration a Whitepaper and a webinar are born, to which InPost, Qaplà, Skeepers and LiveHelp participate bringing different contents that allow the observer to embrace the panorama of E-commerce from a vantage point.