The privacy that InPost guarantee you!

The privacy that InPost guarantee you!

Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - 11:55

Whether it's during the Christmas season or any other time, whether they're birthday gifts, to be unwrapped under the tree or personal purchases, finding time for shopping in stores is increasingly challenging: difficulties in finding parking if the store is in the city center, queues at the checkout or in the fitting rooms, time to go back and forth.

Online shopping is definitely the solution.

Home deliveries, however, conceal a pitfall: if it's a gift, how can you be certain that, at the delivery, the courier won't find exactly the person who should receive the gift, at the door?

Or how to keep the gaze of curious eyes away from our purchases?

It's simple: just entrust the shipments to InPost!

We are the next-generation shipping service that ensures privacy, security, and the convenience of 24/7 pick-up with numerous lockers throughout the Italian territory.

With us, the privacy of your purchases is guaranteed. How? Each shipment has a unique tracking code that identifies it; moreover, no one can take your package without using the QR code or the retrieval PIN, which you will receive only on the email address and phone number you provided on the e-commerce site used at the time of purchase.

Customer privacy is a fundamental value for InPost, and for this reason, we have InPost Lockers and InPost Points throughout Italy. This way, you can choose whether to send or pick up your packages near home or on the other side of the city.

And if you want to send or pick up a package while enjoying a coffee, buying bread or a newspaper, InPost Points are businesses of all kinds: tobacco shops, stationery stores, newsstands, bars, private post offices, or clothing stores.

What can we say... when it comes to sending or picking up your packages in complete privacy, you have plenty of choices!

This shipping method is experiencing strong growth throughout Europe; just think that in Nordic countries, it is used for over 70% of shipments.

A model that ensures autonomy, flexibility, and privacy in managing your online purchases, with a positive impact on the environment, an increasingly important topic.

That's why the InPost Group has also implemented a concrete program to reduce emissions: the Net-Zero decarbonization strategy by 2040.