Netcomm Focus returns to Milan with InPost among the main participants.

Netcomm Focus returns to Milan with InPost among the main participants.

Thursday, February 22, 2024 - 13:28

On February 29th, the Netcomm Focus event returns to Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan, one of the most important gatherings on e-commerce and digital innovation.

Key topics of this edition will be Payments and Logistics, two fundamental aspects of the customer journey, increasingly influenced by new technologies shaping innovative solutions daily to meet customer needs and streamline internal company processes.

It will be a day full of discussion, dedicated to delving into these two themes and their future trends.

The morning will focus on the fifth edition of Netcomm Focus Digital Payment, discussing the ongoing evolution in the digital payments and FinTech sector.

In the afternoon, the eighth edition of Focus Logistics & Packaging will take place, where we at InPost will also participate in two roundtable discussions.

In particular, the eighth edition of Netcomm Focus aims to explore how "intelligent" data and technologies can sustainably connect channels, shipments, and customers, focusing on logistics and packaging trends and innovations for e-commerce and new omnichannel retail models.

During the event, the results of a new study conducted by Netcomm with the Polytechnic University of Milan will be revealed, measuring the impact of delivery and pickups. This study was also conducted with the support of InPost, among others.

Also, during the afternoon, our Managing Director, Nicola D'Elia, will take part in the roundtable "New trends and best practices for logistics and packaging for e-commerce and new retail," while Salvatore Russo, Southern Europe Head of Logistics at InPost, will be among the protagonists of "Sustainable last-mile delivery for e-commerce and new retail."

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