How to prepare a parcel for InPost shipping?

How to prepare a parcel for InPost shipping?

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 - 17:26

For safe shipments and returns follow our tips and discover how to prepare the perfect package!

Do you have to send an item that you have sold or make the return of a wrong purchase but don’t know how to prepare your package?
Don’t worry, InPost has the right tips to help you.

First: remember to check the maximum sizes of packages you can send through our lockers, especially if you have already selected the size of your package on our return portal. So you will be sure to have no problems with your shipping.

And now grab scotch, scissors and fantasy: always pack what you want to ship, everyone loves to receive purchases in good condition, even when it comes to pre-loved items.

Here’s how to do it best in three simple steps:
1. Wrap! 
Wrinkled sheets, bubble wrap, clean shopping bags to which you may have broken a handle: unleash your creativity, there are many materials that can turn into perfect allies to wrap your items before you can box them..
2. Protect!
Sustainability is one of our favourite words: if you can use recycled boxes and packages, taking care to eliminate all the labels present.
3. Seal! 
Close your package carefully, making sure there are no holes or protruding unprotected parts, but remember: don’t cover the barcode and label with stickers and scotch..

Wrap, protect and seal: follow our mantra, just a few simple moves and your packages will travel safely, arriving at their destination with a perfect look like when they left.